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Ready, Steady, Go!

Thursday, 16 June 2016


If a Life Education Educator and our mascot Healthy Harold came to visit your child’s school today they may have participated in the ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ session.

You can download a copy of our post visit Parent flyer here.

What is ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’?

Ready, Steady, Go! is one of our Life Education Modules. It is a fun interactive learning experience that aims to empower children to make safer and healthier choices.

Children will have enjoyed animated stories, engaged in hands-on activities, sung songs, and taken part in discussion and problem solving with their peers.

Ready, Steady, Go! focuses on the benefits of healthy eating, physical activity, strategies to stay safe, and how our body reacts in different situations.

Clearly aligned to the Australian Curriculum, this module helps children understand that a healthy lifestyle is an important step towards making positive healthy choices now and into the future.

The learning also continues in the classroom with their teacher, with the help of a range of interactive online resources, and a fun-filled student workbook.

What can you do at home

We also encourage you to extend your child’s learning, by working with them to explore the activities and to start the conversations listed on these three downloadable posters.


This resource also includes two short interviews with Bupa’s National Medical Director & GP, Dr. Tim Ross, and a range of recommended links to further information about the topics covered in the Ready, Steady, Go! module.

More information about the Life Education program can be found on this website.

Health Expert Videos

In this video, Bupa’s National Medical Director & GP, Dr. Tim Ross, talks about the importance of physical activity, screen time, and what doctors do.

In this video, Bupa’s National Medical Director & GP, Dr. Tim Ross, talks about the importance of healthy sleeping habits, and how to settle your child to sleep.

Click here
 to view more of our Health Expert videos.

Recommended Links

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Life Education Team

Life Education empowers our children and young people to make safer and healthier choices through education. For over 35 years we have delivered our program to more than 5 million children and young people. We are a non-government, not-for-profit organisation.

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A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Healthy Harold Van and had a lesson there on 'The Burning Issue' and it was really cool! My class and teacher thought it was great! We are always doing an activity or working in the book that you gave us.

Hannah from Cromer Primary