To arrange for Life Education to visit your school call 1300 427 653 or contact us.

About NT

Life Education Northern Territory is a community-based, independent organisation at the front line of positive and preventative drug and health education. Approximately 6,800 students take part in our programs each year. Helping young people make informed decisions about drugs and their health is at the heart of the program, which is driven by the popular Life Education mascot Harold the giraffe.

Specialist educators utilising their experience and training work with schools to develop programs to support the provision of best-practice drug education. Sessions are age specific and sequential with written and electronic resources provided to support both students and teachers in the delivery of ongoing drug education in their classroom. A visit to the mobile Life Education van facilitates the development of students' knowledge and skills to identify risks and make informed decisions.

In 2006, 98% of teachers recommended their school re-book the Life Education program.

St Francis of Assisi Primary School
Humpty Doont2011I heard about Life Education from a colleague. I like the choices and units available and find that it is scaffolded throughout the year levels and brings a focus to what we are teaching and learning. Once we know what the topic is from Life Education, we go from there. Also in Term 3 after the LE visit, we begin a forum in which each class participates. We value the program and the presenter.
Melanie Bolwell, Deputy Principal

And from students
We really like Healthy Harold, the Mobile Learning Centre, learning about a healthy life and body and playing games on the website. We love Harold’s caravan, he’s fun to play with and we like playing his games – he’s funny and really nice. He teaches people not to touch drugs, and about drinking responsibly. Harold’s messages are: be careful around drugs, always eat healthy, be safe, be healthy, look after yourself,be responsible and live a healthy life, don’t smoke, don’t get drunk, do lots of healthy stuff.nt2_2011

I’m your biggest fan, I’ll always be there for you. I like it when we get to see you and come into your van, it’s cool. I try to be healthy all the time. I like to eat vegetables and lots of healthy foods. Suzi came to visit today and she brought Healthy Harold, the real one, not the one on Suzi’s hand.

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