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Regular Giving

HANDS UP NOW! is a regular giving program designed to help financially support and grow Life Education's long time work in schools throughout Australia through members of the public signing up to make monthly gifts.


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Join Hands Up Now! and be counted in creating a safer future for our children.

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Every child is important! Yet every day they face countless dangers, from bullying and alcohol to smoking and illegal drugs. It’s our job as adults to guide them, and to arm our children with the confidence and skills to face these threats. 

This is why Life Education is so important. As an independent not-for-profit, we're dedicated to empowering children and young people to make safer, healthier choices – even when faced with peer pressure.

But unfortunately, we can’t do it alone.        JOIN NOW

Join Hands Up Now! and arm our youngest generation with the information, skills and self-esteem they need to make better life choices. Choices that will keep them safe and ensure they continue to thrive.


How You Can Help

Hands up Now

These are concrete examples what your aid can accomplish:

$49 / month supports us to deliver
health and drug education to a small regional school for one year.

$37 / month provides education
to help keep one disadvantaged child
safe from harm every week.

$20 / month empowers 25 children
to make safer, healthier choices every year.
That's equivalent to a classroom of children.

How It Works

Life Education is the largest charity
providing drug and health education to Australian children.

Every year we connect with over 600,000 children in 3,000 schools and pre-schools. Our state-of-the-art Mobile Learning Centres along with a team of specialist Educators travel to schools and talk with students about issues important to them.

These change as they grow, but include:

  1. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol
  2. Cyberbullying, exercise and staying safe online
  3. Nutrition, exercise and body image
  4. Coping with peer pressure

We also provide teacher and parent resources to ensure our messages are reinforced at home and in the classroom.

Your monthly gift as a Hands Up Now! supporter will go directly to educating more children about making safe and healthy life choices.


A Story of Why Your Help Truly Matters

Royal Brisbane Hospital

I vividly remember my tour of one of the wards of Royal Brisbane Hospital, after being invited there by leading maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Anthony Lynham, who is now one of our Patrons.

It was a Monday morning, and there were more than fifty people queued up seeking treatment, many of them suffering alcohol related facial injuries from assaults or accidents over the weekend. Read the whole story here >>


As a supporter you'll receive:


Regular updates packed with stories about the children you're helping, the latest news and progress reports.


Letters from children who directly benefit from your help.


Feedback from teachers so you can see the impact our programs are having.


Resources to help you educate the children important to you.

Join the Hands Up Now! community.
Together, we will ensure every child has the right to thrive. 



Please contact us for more information. Or, you can send an email to

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A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Healthy Harold Van and had a lesson there on 'The Burning Issue' and it was really cool! My class and teacher thought it was great! We are always doing an activity or working in the book that you gave us.

Hannah from Cromer Primary